Surya Software Solutions is empowering the technology in Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Advanced Analytics in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions, leveraging Cloud core competencies around Decision trees, Big Data, Data analytics and Visualization. Surya Software Solutions is a Cloud, Digital, Data, Technology, Business, Machine Solutions based global ERP / EPM - Management consulting, Technology services and Technology solutions - outsourcing company. We provide best in the breed, cost effective, value oriented, comprehensive range of Products and Services specializing in SAP & Oracle based - AI / Data / Digital / ERP / EPM - cloud solutions to all business verticals and industries. Our management team has over decade of industry experience, we strongly believe that "The art of empowering is the language of technology" and provides clients with end-to-end solutions. Surya Software Solutions has developed dramatic technology transformation framework models, approach and strategies (SSS-RAMIT, SSS-CloudIT, SSS-DigIT, SSS-DataIT, SSS-CyberIT) in AI, Cloud, Digital, BigData, Technology, Business, Machine Solutions and Applications that are easy to procure, install and are frequently upgraded - this reflects the work styles of todays business people as well as consumers.

Surya Software Solutions has over decade of experience in delivering the SAP & Oracle based AI / Digital / Data / ERP and EPM cloud business framework models, approach and strategies (SSS-RAMIT, SSS-CloudIT, SSS-DigIT, SSS-DataIT, SSS-CyberIT), across different industry verticals at an international level which is critical to compete in the business environment of future. We generate thought leadership, educate clients on the value of business performance management, encourage innovations, provide insight on how to collect and analyze the right information to address specific business goals. We help clients evaluate, implement enterprise-wide performance management systems and processes in Cloud / On-premise.